Wrightsville Beach

Stunning coastlines and activity-packed beach

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Wrightsville Beach

"You can go on for days about how different each area is. I know there are plenty of jokes around town about people telling the difference between Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach, but the truth is, it just depends on which one you're from and that's the one that's better! Wrightsville Beach is great because there's a lot of entertainment, and a ton of beautiful beaches."

"Wrightsville Beach is a bit more upscale, but they have a lot of fun places to go. The beaches are really, really beautiful. You'll find a lot of comfortable bars to hang out, and there are some great restaurants and hotels."

"Wrightsville Beach is an awesome little city, and the people are the best part. It's a very tight-knit community. The water is so, so pretty and the beaches on the south part of town make it a hidden paradise. I love it here!"

Billy Mellon
Owner & Wine Director
manna avenue 123

"Beach towns like Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach are very important to Wilmington. We get a lot of traffic into town because of them."

"If you live at Wrightsville Beach, you're probably a person who is very aspirational. The real estate near the beach is pretty expensive, so you're either someone who's just making ends meet and living on a budget all so you can live at the beach, or you're a person who in some ways has a lot of business success."

"Wrightsville Beach is more of where people who live inside of Wilmington go when they go to the beach. It's a really popular beach!"

"There's a pretty big surf culture down in Wrightsville Beach. It's very cruisy, like a beach you'd find in Southern California."

Dan Brawley
Chief Instigating Officer
Cucalorus Festival

"Wrightsville Beach has an incredible surf community, with pro surf competitions and other events all the time. And there must be a sailing race every four days out there, so there are tons of coastal activities around the beaches."

Dean Neff
Local Chef

"Our beaches are amazing, and they're way underrated, areas like Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach. One thing that's so cool about Wilmington is that the population is smaller than a place like Savannah, so there are fewer people and a much larger area of beach. So when you go to Carolina Beach or Wrightsville Beach, there's not a lot of crowdedness. It's a lot more beach per person. Wrightsville Beach is great because you can go and hang and surf and relax in the day, and then at night, there are great spots to drink and hang out. "

"Wrightsville has developed a ton of unique sports. Sailing, paddleboarding, and surfing—all of that happens at Wrightsville Beach. We hold pro-am competitions and paddleboard races and regattas every year. It's just all active. Wrightsville has such tremendous character, and that's what brings so many people to it."

"I love the surrounding waters—the beauty of the water, the clarity of the water, the white sand beaches of Wrightsville Beach. It's kind of a rare little nook, even on the entire East Coast to have such beautiful water and beaches."

"Wrightsville Beach has an amazing community and people. The town is run by people who live and work there and are really involved in the community. All the little businesses are owned by friends of mine, and that makes for a really nice, home, small town vibe."

"I love Wrightsville Beach for going out with your friends on a boat, or kayaking and paddleboarding. There are a bunch of really good companies that are based out there for rentals."

"Wrightsville Beach is really active. There's so much to do in Wrightsville Beach that leans towards the outdoor vibe, and because of that, there are some great juice bars up there. There aren't a ton of restaurant-restaurant type spots, mostly because we've packed that area with surf shops and paddleboard rental spots. It's an actual beach vibe, and it has all the things to equip you with your outdoor stuff."

"If Wrightsville Beach was a person, it'd be a young, twenty-something who is in love, invigorated with life, carefree, and loves nature and the sound of the ocean. Wrightsville Beach is really all about supporting local—local entrepreneurship, local shops, local, local, local. There is no chain anything. You can really hide out in Wrightsville Beach because it's so secluded and peaceful."

"The water in areas like Wrightsville Beach has drawn in artists who derive inspiration from our beautiful natural resources, surrounded by water on all sides."

Sam Cahoon
Chef & Owner

"Wrightsville Beach is one of the best beaches in the whole nation. Whether you want to swim, surf, or sunbathe, it's all there. There's very good nightlife too. It’s one of those communities where once you get initiated, everybody knows everybody and you're all friends and family."





Wrightsville Beach

Stunning coastlines and activity-packed beach

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