Wilmington's South Front District

Hub for well-loved local food, plus historic architecture

Why locals love...
Wilmington's South Front District

Billy Mellon
Owner & Wine Director
manna avenue 123

"South Front is in downtown and includes the historic neighborhood, which has all of our old prestigious buildings. Those are spots where people like George Washington stayed. The British soldiers also stayed there when the city was occupied by England during the Revolutionary War. There are some important buildings from the Civil War era too. There's some neat history in Wilmington. Years ago, it was valuable because of its port value, getting from the Atlantic ocean to local, intercostal waterways."

Dan Brawley
Chief Instigating Officer
Cucalorus Festival

"You can spend a week going up and down Front Street in Wilmington and going to the restaurants, the comedy, the music. It’s dense. A little tiny drop of New Orleans right in the middle of this sleepy city."

Dean Neff
Local Chef

"South Front Street was really started by this beautiful, large bar called Satellite Bar, which is awesome. South Front also includes Greenfield Lake, which is just this beautiful park. As a neighborhood, South Front has a lot of repurposed old housing projects that have been turned into an awesome housing community."

"In South Front District, there is an area near Satellite, with Benny's Big Time Pizzeria and other things going on. They are really creating an awesome pocket of fun things to do."

“The South Front Street District by Greenfield Lake includes the Artworks, which is a restored factory that has 50 artists residencies."

Sam Cahoon
Chef & Owner

"In the South Front District, you can go and enjoy Satellite and the outdoors that they have there. It’s a great venue where you can sit outside and have a beer. There are all sorts of new restaurants popping up there."




Wilmington's South Front District

Hub for well-loved local food, plus historic architecture

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