Wilmington's Historic Downtown / River District

Historic charm and rich Southern culture meet modern design, new attractions and vibrant nightlife

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Wilmington's Historic Downtown / River District

Billy Mellon
Owner & Wine Director
manna avenue 123

"Downtown is its own little, vibrant neighborhood with bubbling neighborhoods within it, like South Front and the Historic District."

"Downtown Wilmington is a pretty progressive area, where the architecture is looking more like a Brooklyn, New York. It's getting to be unrecognizable in a good way because there are people bringing cool, unique hotels down here. It's awesome. I love downtown!"

"Downtown Wilmington is borderline Old World, kind of antebellum. You've got a mix of old and new."

"If you live downtown, you are probably incredibly open-minded, artistic, driven, interesting, and unique."

Dan Brawley
Chief Instigating Officer
Cucalorus Festival

"Downtown Wilmington is a little funkier—it's a little Southern, urban center. You get some of the same things you've got in bigger cities, like how you can walk to the post office and the bank and run into friends. There are tons of art galleries and other cultural activities in downtown. It's the hub of arts and culture in the region. The Riverwalk hugs the perimeter of downtown Wilmington."

"The historic downtown district is your central business area, with shops, restaurants, bars, and nightlife, all right across the Riverfront."

"Downtown Wilmington has the Riverwalk, which is a perfect place to sit and watch the sunset with a bottle of wine."

"In downtown, there are tons of bars and restaurants, and a cool Riverwalk that the city has been working on. It is about 15 years old and has been an ongoing project that runs the whole length of the downtown area on the river."

"Downtown Wilmington has a whole different sort of fresh attitude and lifestyle. You can go from the small town beach vibes of Wrightsville Beach to the city feel of downtown Wilmington, with the restaurants and breweries."

"Downtown Wilmington has plenty of shops, and it's really quite nice. There are amazing breweries doing crazy styles."

"I'm a downtown girl. My favorite place to be in Wilmington is downtown and on the Riverfront. In downtown, you've got the Brooklyn Arts District and the Antiques District. Downtown is its own little homey vibe, and I love it."

"I'm a downtowner. It's a gorgeous, brilliant location with a lot to say about the world around it. I love downtown. It's a beautiful place. To be honest, downtown Wilmington is the only place that I feel at home."

"There's a lot of growth downtown. Traditionally, the majority of growth and action has been along the river and on Front Street, but right now we're starting to see a lot of individual neighborhoods and pockets develop, which is really, really, really cool. Each little neighborhood is eclectic and has its own unique elements. Down on the river is gorgeous. There's a lot of great restaurants and great food, and really nice nightlife. There are a lot of different options and anyone can find whatever they want."

"Wilmington has over 200 blocks of national historic district residences that are very well maintained. The historic architecture, which I consider to be a part of our natural resources and almost as compelling as our beaches. Our downtown district is where many of our institutions are—Thalian Hall, the Wilson Center, and others."

Sam Cahoon
Chef & Owner

"Downtown Wilmington has Front Street—that's where the area's main focus is. There's a lot of great shopping, dining, and drinking, with all sorts of microbreweries and beer and wine shops."





Wilmington's Historic Downtown / River District

Historic charm and rich Southern culture meet modern design, new attractions and vibrant nightlife

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