Wilmington's Castle Street Arts & Antique District

Artsy neighborhood with great food

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Wilmington's Castle Street Arts & Antique District

"The Castle Arts District is really cool. It was historically an antiques district, and it has a lot of barber shops. There are a bunch of antique stores and art stores. There's a record store, a coffee shop, a biscuit place, and one of the nicest restaurants in town, Rx. It's a tiny area, but it has a very neighborhoody kind of feel."

"The Castle Street Arts and Antiques District has a more community feel. It's based on antiques and good food. It's very artistic, and feels very neighborhoody."

"Rx is located in the Castle Arts and Antiques District, just on the edge of downtown. This area used to be a thriving business district 40 or 50 years ago and that went away. Over the last 10 to 15 years, a lot of businesses came in here, like older antique dealers who came in from downtown and started revitalizing the area. It's a cool area. There are some tattoo shops and an old record store called Gravity Records."

"The Antiques District is not newer, but it's newly blowing up. It used to just be where the antique stores were, but over the past few years, coffee shops, and wine shops started popping up. We've got a new bakery and breweries opening up. It's definitely a new point of interest in Wilmington."

"The Castle Street District has long billed itself as the Antique District, with lots of small antique shops from 5th to 8th and Castle. There's a wine shop, a coffee shop, barber shops—those types of things."




Wilmington's Castle Street Arts & Antique District

Artsy neighborhood with great food

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