Wilmington's Brooklyn Arts District

Trendy, arts-focused neighborhood undergoing revitalization

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Wilmington's Brooklyn Arts District

"There's so much modernization happening in Wilmington. You've got neighborhoods like the Brooklyn Arts District, which wasn't even around until a few years ago."

"The Brooklyn Arts District is great. It's really exciting to see how it's evolving and growing. I've gotten to see it branch out with little shops, restaurants, and breweries. It's just becoming really trendy."

"Brooklyn Arts District is like a new Wilmington. It used to be a low-income, predominantly African-American area. Developers came in and saw a gold mine here, so they built a bunch of different condos, a big strip of stores, barber shops, and breweries, like Edward Teach and Flytrap."

"There's a ton of revitalization going on in the Brooklyn Arts District. People aren't just knocking down buildings, they're rehabbing old buildings, and that's what ultimately makes your business cool—your structure. If you have a cool space, people are going to gravitate towards it. And there's a lot of spots like that in the Brooklyn Arts District."

"The Brooklyn Arts District used to be a bunch of churches and industrial buildings. Now new small businesses are popping up in those old buildings."

Dean Neff
Local Chef

"The Brooklyn Arts District has a really cool old church that's been renovated into a venue for weddings and concerts. We played a show there years ago. "

"The Brooklyn Arts District is on the north side of downtown, with the Brooklyn Arts Center, which is great for shows. It's got some great breweries and art galleries as well as restaurants. It's got a neighborhood feel to it."

"The Brooklyn Arts District is where Flytrap is. The neighborhood is experiencing a lot of growth in the arts scene, and the beer scene. We've got a cafe, and restaurants are coming. There is a new ice cream shop and a lot of different things happening in this area."

"The Brooklyn Arts District is really great for music, art galleries, pubs, and restaurants."

"The Brooklyn Arts District is anchored by the Brooklyn Arts Center, which is a restored church that has become the venue of choice for many of the area's music lovers. It's a multi-use facility, and they keep it packed all the time. It's an up-and-coming district with lots of retail, galleries, restaurants, and breweries going in."

Sam Cahoon
Chef & Owner

"You can walk to the Brooklyn Arts District from downtown and sip a glass of wine at Bodega and walk down to Flytrap and head to Savorez for a quick bite to eat. The Brooklyn Arts District is just a new, upcoming kind of hip place to be. It's really just becoming its own community, its own neighborhood"




Wilmington's Brooklyn Arts District

Trendy, arts-focused neighborhood undergoing revitalization

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