Carolina Beach

A beach town with personality and strong community ties

Why locals love...
Carolina Beach

"Carolina Beach definitely has its own scene. It's very relaxed. They've got some really fun pubs and really interesting people. It's got a lot of charm to it!"

Billy Mellon
Owner & Wine Director
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"Beach towns like Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach are very important to Wilmington. We get a lot of traffic into town because of them."

"Carolina Beach is an awesome up-and-coming area for young families and young professionals because the real estate is still a little bit more affordable. There's a lot do in Carolina Beach."

"Carolina Beach is like an area of its own. The people who live in Carolina Beach are usually the ones who go to Carolina Beach. They've got Britt's Donuts, Wake N Bake Donuts, and lots of other cool spots."

"Carolina Beach is a small beach town that's a bit south of Wilmington. It's got a couple of different dynamics to it. It's got a quirky and eclectic scene, and it's got some older residents too. But in the last 10 years, there's been a huge push of younger people who are starting families. So there's this unique blend of the old guard, who are still entrenched on some scale on the island, and this wonderful, fresh voice of youth that's putting its own imprint on the community in lots of different socially-driven ways."

Dan Brawley
Chief Instigating Officer
Cucalorus Festival

"The beaches like Carolina Beach are a little more salty, a little more laid-back, where things are moving a little bit slower."

Dean Neff
Local Chef

"Our beaches are amazing, and they're way underrated, areas like Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach. One thing that's so cool about Wilmington is that the population is smaller than a place like Savannah, so there are fewer people and a much larger area of beach. So when you go to Carolina Beach or Wrightsville Beach, there's not a lot of crowdedness. It's a lot more beach per person. Carolina Beach is the perfect place for surfing, eating, and drinking. It's a gem!" "

"Carolina Beach and Kure Beach are great for surfing. They're similar to Wrightsville, but with a slightly different vibe."

"Carolina Beach and Kure Beach are really kind of funky because you've got the boardwalk, and the carnivals there over the summer. It definitely has a beach vibe—you've got your colorful houses, your snowcones, your donut shops.”

"I love that Carolina Beach is a small community—one island, one community—that has so many different experiences for people traveling all over the world to enjoy the outdoors. Surfing is the number one experience in Carolina Beach. We also have the Carolina Beach State Park with the Venus flytraps."





Carolina Beach

A beach town with personality and strong community ties

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