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Ultimate Weekend Itinerary in Carolina and Wrightsville Beach for the Surfer

The best surf spots, beachside restaurants, and juice bars, as told by Tony Silvagni

Ultimate Weekend Itinerary in Carolina and Wrightsville Beach for the Surfer

About Our Tour Guide, Tony Silvagni

Tony Silvagni

While Carolina Beach is more than just a beach town, it's known in part for its great surf conditions, and as being the home of top world-ranked surfer Tony Silvagni. Here, Tony shares his ultimate weekend itinerary for the surfer.

Whether you're a pro or someone who wants to try catching a wave for the first time, there's a break in Carolina Beach for you!

Day One in Carolina Beach

Breakfast on the Beach

"You've got to start your weekend off with breakfast at Gulfstream Restaurant in Carolina Beach. It's a local haunt, and the food there is always my favorite."

Surf, Surf, Surf

Tony Silvagni Shredding

"After breakfast, head nearby to downtown Carolina Beach to surf on Hamlet Avenue. There are really prominent sandbars so the surf is always breaking pretty consistently. Honestly, there are breaks throughout the entire island of Carolina Beach that are always having really consistent waves."

Lunch at Hang Ten Grill

Hang Ten Grill

"After you work up an appetite, grab a nice burger and fries at the Hang Ten Grill or go for something healthy at The Veggie Wagon."

Afternoon Surf & Dinner

Surf House

"After lunch, head back out and surf Carolina Beach a bit more, before dining out at Deck House or Craig Love's spot Surf House."

Day Two in Wrightsville Beach

Morning Surf at Johnnie Mercers Pier

Johnny Mercers Pier

"I'd start my next morning surfing a break like C-Street in Wrightsville Beach or by catching waves a few hundred feet off of Johnnie Mercer Pier. Those are a few of the best surf breaks in Wrightsville Beach."

Breakfast at SUNday's

SUNday's Cafe

"For breakfast after catching a few waves by Johnnie Mercers Pier you've got to head to SUNday's Cafe, which is a great spot for acai and smoothies."

More Surf, Of Course!

Masonboro Island

"Then, you can boat out to Masonboro Island just off of Wrightsville Beach.

Masonboro Island is great when the winds are coming in from the northeast, so you can really catch some good stuff there."

Late Lunch at Robert's Grocery

Adapt Kitchen & Juice Bar in Robert's Grocery

"Once you've wrapped your surfing for the day, you can head to Robert's Grocery on Wrightsville Beach, which is a grab-and-go spot that's pretty famous. Adapt Kitchen and Juice Bar is a new spot that opened in there for acai bowls and coffee. I'd recommend it!" 

Dinner on the Pier at Oceanic

Crystal Pier

"After a long day surfing in the sun, enjoy dinner at the Oceanic Restaurant on Wrightsville Beach.

You can have a really nice meal with some drinks on the pier, if that's your choice."