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The Most Instagrammable Spots in Wilmington and Beaches

The picture-perfect spots in Wilmington and Beaches

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Wilmington and Beaches

It’s no secret that beauty abounds in Wilmington, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Wrightsville Beach. Heralded as “Hollywood East” and “Wilmywood,” Wilmington and its surrounding beaches have graced television and movie screens in Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, A Walk to Remember, Iron Man 3, and many, many more.

These Instagrammable spots will show what the buzz is all about!

Johnnie Mercers Pier

Recommended by: Ben Mabry
Town: Wrightsville Beach

Johnnie Mercers Pier

The beautiful Carolina coastline is one of the most recognizable features of Wilmington and Beaches. Extending 1,200 feet into ocean, Johnnie Mercers Fishing Pier provides the perfect vantage point to experience the mighty Atlantic, and to take an iconic shot, no filter needed. Ben Mabry of Beta Radio recommends the pier, saying, “I would go watch the sunrise. Johnnie Mercers is a great fishing pier.”

Airlie Gardens

Recommended by: Randy McQuay

Town: Wilmington

Airlie Gardens

Randy McQuay of The Randy McQuay Trio says, “Airlie Gardens and the Blockade Runner are two of the most beautiful places in town.” A stroll through the Airlie Gardens will quickly prove that true. Filled with gorgeous and creative sculptures, lush trees and flowers, and charming fountains, the Airlie Gardens provide a picturesque backdrop to any selfie.


Recommended by: Julie Johnson, Aaron Skiles, Khalisa Rae Williams
Neighborhood: Wilmington's Historic Downtown / River District


The area of Wilmington and Beaches teems with history. As Julie Johnson says, “There’s a lot of really awesome historical sites around town. There’s the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA in downtown Wilmington. It’s a World War II battleship that was decommissioned.” You don’t have to be a history buff to appreciate the grandeur of the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA (BB-55), the most decorated American battleship of World War II. Kept in pristine shape, the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA is so pretty that it’s a popular wedding spot for locals.

The Riverwalk

Recommended by: James Doss

Town: Wilmington’s Historic Downtown/River District

Wilmington's Historic Downtown / River District

Wilmington's downtown Riverwalk is known for its bars, shops, restaurants, and nightlife, which you can read more about under the Top Bars and Nightlife in Wilmington and Beaches.

James Doss of Rx Restaurant and Bar shares that, "In downtown, there are tons of bars and restaurants, and a cool Riverwalk that the city has been working on. It is about 15 years old and has been an ongoing project that runs the whole length of the downtown area on the river."

Kenan Fountain

Recommended by: Jason Frye

Neighborhood: Wilmington's Historic Downtown / River District

Kenan Fountain

Located at the intersection of Market Street and Fifth Avenue, the Wilmington Kenan Fountain is hard to miss. It’s a lovely complement to the tree-lined streets of downtown Wilmington. Go in the day to admire the early 20th-century architectural details, or at night for a more romantic vibe.

"The fountain at Kenan Plaza is an icon. I've taken a couple dozen shots there that may make it up on Facebook or Instagram, with the Bellamy Mansion on one side, that gorgeous church on the other and then with the iconic Carolina apartment buildings that David Lynch famously shot for the movie Blue Velvet on that other side, it makes for a great picture."

I Believe in Wilmington Mural

Recommended by: Jason Frye

Neighborhood: Wilmington's Historic Downtown / River District

The I Believe in Wilmington Mural

The I Believe in Wilmington mural is located right in downtown, and checking it out is a must for anyone looking to have the Ultimate Weekend Itinerary in Wilmington and Beaches for the Arts Lover.

According to local author Jason Frye, "The I Believe in Wilmington, that mural on 2nd Street, was started by Billy Mellon and manna ave. 123. It's just a point of pride for him and for the community. Wilmington has experienced such an explosion and growth in our tourism infrastructure, in the way that we treat hospitality, and the quality of the restaurants and the breweries and tours and offerings that we have in town, so that's just a way for Billy to give back and say, 'Hey, look, I was in Wilmington, we can take a picture here in front of this great mural.'"

Ocean Grill & Tiki Bar

Recommended by: Sam Romano, Billy Mellon

Town: Carolina Beach

Ocean Grill & Tiki Bar

According to manna ave. 123's Billy Mellon, “The Ocean Grill & Tiki Bar sits on a pier. The views are amazing."