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Top Craft Breweries in Wilmington and Beaches

The best places to grab fresh, local beer in Wilmington and Beaches

Top Craft Breweries in Wilmington and Beaches

The craft beer scene in Wilmington and Beaches (and all of North Carolina) has taken off and shows no signs of stopping.

Wilmington and Beaches' breweries are inventive, fresh, and just as importantly, extremely welcoming and inclusive. While beer geeks will relish the selection of fresh craft beers, craft brewers in Wilmington and Beaches tell us that just about everyone will enjoy the relaxing vibes and patios of the area's top breweries.

Wilmington Brewing Company

Recommended by: Dean Neff, Haley Jensen, Aaron Skiles, Mike Barlas

Neighborhood: Wilmington

Wilmington Brewing Company

Maybe best known for its Tropical Lightning IPA, Wilmington Brewing Company “is talented across the board,” says Aaron Skiles of New Anthem Beer Project.

Wilmington Brewing Company's family-friendly, welcoming atmosphere is relaxing and conducive to long hours of hanging out and drinking with good friends. “Wilmington Brewing Company kind of started the beer craze here,” says Dean Neff. “It tends to be geared towards the hazy, juicy West Coast style IPAs.”

Haley Jensen of Beer Barrio shares that, “Their Tropical Lightning IPA has become a go-to for people in the community.”

Flytrap Brewing

Recommended by: Jason Frye, Sam Cahoon, Dean Neff, Dani Bearss, Aaron Skiles, Khalisa Rae Williams, Cedric Harrison, Randy McQuay

Neighborhood: Brooklyn Arts District

Flytrap Brewing

Flytrap Brewing is a wonderful brewery with popular light beers, artisanal popcorn, food trucks, and a huge patio in the Brooklyn Arts District. Flytrap is all about small-batch, highly specialized craft beer, and it operates as a nanobrewery.

Based on Flytrap's popularity among locals, Owner Mike Barlas's hard work has paid off. Dean Neff says, “Their beers are so, so popular. They can’t make enough of them! You send them out and they’re all gone immediately. Flytrap is doing really experimental stuff, and it's all in super high demand." 

New Anthem Beer Project

Recommended by: Dean Neff, Haley Jensen, Aaron Skiles, Mike Barlas, Jason Frye

Neighborhood: Wilmington's Historic Downtown / River District

New Anthem

New Anthem Beer Project started as a tiny brewpub in the oldest working stable in Wilmington. According to Co-Owner Aaron Skiles, they ended up getting “really addicted to the hoppy beers.”

The lines that wrap around the block are a testament to New Anthem’s dedication to their super fresh IPAs. Author Jason Frye says,

I know IPAs and I know what makes a good one. New Anthem makes one of the best IPAs in Wilmington. 

Skytown Beer and BBQ

Recommended by: Haley Jensen, Mike Barlas

Neighborhood: Wilmington

Skytown Beer

Skytown Beer and BBQ in Wilmington is a new and welcomed addition to the area's craft beer scene. Co-Owner Haley Jensen is proud of the brewery’s beer and food, saying, "I’d take any visitor to eat lunch with me at Skytown, then we'd head to Beer Barrio.”  

Edward Teach Brewery

Recommended by: Dean Neff, Cedric Harrison

Neighborhood: Brooklyn Arts District

Edward Teach Brewery is in a small, intimate space and offers great classic beers in Wilmington's Brooklyn Arts District.

Dean Neff says, “They do beers in a classic style; it's really fun. If you’re not into the Hazy IPAs, Edward Teach is a great option because they’re doing some really fun traditional beers with a stylistic difference.”

Wrightsville Beach Brewery

Recommended by: Haley Jensen, Mike Barlas

Neighborhood: Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach Brewery offers local seafood and a fine selection of ales and porters. Haley Jensen of Beer Barrio and Skytown says, “I’m a big fan of Wrightsville Beach Brewery.”

Waterman's Brewing

Recommended by: Haley Jensen, Mike Barlas, Michelle Fogle

Neighborhood: Wrightsville Beach

Waterman's Brewing is a cozy spot for good food and drink in Wrightsville Beach and it's family-friendly and vegetarian-friendly. Michelle Fogle of Fleet Feet says, “After you've finished working up a sweat for the day, grab a beer at Waterman's Brewing." 

Broomtail Craft Brewery

Recommended by: Dean Neff

Neighborhood: Wilmington

Broomtail Craft Brewery is in a smaller, homey space and is founded by a local husband-and-wife team. “At Broomtail, you can find great sour beers,” says Dean Neff.

Mad Mole Brewing

Recommended by: Haley Jensen

Neighborhood: Wilmington

Mad Mole Brewing focuses on Belgians and IPAs. According to Haley Jensen, "Their taproom has a dozen beers at any given time and they sometimes host live music. I love the beer at Mad Mole Brewing!”