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Ultimate Weekend in Wilmington and Beaches for the Beer Lover

The best breweries, bars, and restaurants for craft beer in Wilmington and Beaches, as told by Mike Barlas of Flytrap Brewing

Ultimate Weekend in Wilmington and Beaches for the Beer Lover

About Our Tour Guide, Mike Barlas of Flytrap Brewing

Mike Barlas of Flytrap Brewing

North Carolina, and Wilmington and Beaches more specifically, is a certified playground for lovers of craft beer! There's simply no shortage of amazing breweries, bars, and restaurants with stunning selections of local beer. Your biggest challenge will be fitting it all into one weekend.

Here, Mike Barlas, who's the Founder and Head Brewer of Flytrap Brewing in Wilmington's Brooklyn Arts District, provides his comprehensive weekend itinerary for the craft beer lover.

Day One

Get Started in Wrightsville Beach


"I'd start your day with late morning beers at Dockside Restaurant in Wrightsville Beach. We'd go there mostly for the view, and because they've got a great selection of cans of all sorts of different local beers from Wilmington and across North Carolina."

Beers on the Patio at Lighthouse Beer and Wine

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"From Dockside, we'd head over to Lighthouse Beer and Wine, which has got a really good spectrum of stuff from all over North Carolina.

Lighthouse Beer and Wine has a really solid draft list and a good little outdoor space to just chill."

Lunch at Waterman's Brewing

"After Lighthouse, grab lunch at Waterman's Brewing, which also has really solid beers and great things to eat. You've got to eat up there, because you're definitely going to need the fuel for the rest of your weekend!"

Head to Wilmington Brewing Company

Wilmington Brewing Company

"Travel towards downtown Wilmington, but first, make a pit stop at Wilmington Brewing Company, which is where you can either take a turn for a higher ABV IPA and have more of an interesting night, or you can keep it safe and do a session IPA and keep the party going for a little longer."

Beers at New Anthem

"After Wilmington Brewing Company, pop over to downtown and visit Aaron Skiles at New Anthem Beer Project for a pre-dinner beer, like their Perpetual Outrage."

Dinner at Beer Barrio

"After New Anthem, walk over to see Haley Jensen and the team at Beer Barrio for tacos and dinner. You can choose from their draft list of 40 different beers.

Beer Barrio in downtown is a really great place to have some dinner and a beer, all to cap off your first day."

Day Two

Cape Fear River

Waterline Brewing

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"Start your next day in with beers brewed by Dani Bearss at Waterline Brewing, under the bridge looking over the Cape Fear River. Waterline is a cool outdoor space with a really good vibe for the daytime!"

Cape Fear Wine & Beer

Cape Fear Wine & Beer

"Afterwards, head to Cape Fear Wine & Beer, which is a really good spot to day drink or drink into the evening. Cape Fear Wine & Beer has a really solid selection of all kinds of stuff.

I'd say they have the most extensive collection of beers in all of Wilmington and Beaches."

Skytown Beer & BBQ

Skytown Beer & BBQ

"Then from Cape Fear Wine & Beer, go to either Bill's Front Porch or a new spot called Skytown Beer and BBQ for lunch." 

Dinner Back in Wrightsville Beach

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"Finish your drink-filled weekend with dinner at Wrightsville Beach Brewery in Wrightsville Beach.

I'd say that just about wraps up the perfect weekend for people who like craft beer, because one day you're going from Wrightsville Beach to downtown Wilmington, and the next day, you're going right back from downtown Wilmington's to Wrightsville Beach.

Of course, if you've got some time in between, don't forget to come visit us at Flytrap in the Brooklyn Arts District."