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Top Surf Breaks in Wrightsville Beach

The best spots for surfing in Wrightsville Beach

Top Surf Breaks in Wrightsville Beach

Sunset at Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach is a surfer's paradise. While it's praised for its beauty, tight-knit community, and upscale establishments, Wrightsville Beach also has a lot to offer before and after catching a wave.

Here, local surfers and athletes share their favorites.

Masonboro Island

Recommended by: Ian Balding, Carmin Black, Sam Romano, Dan Brawley

Boating to Masonboro Island

Masonboro Island Reserve is an uninhabited island just south of Wrightsville Beach. It is only accessible by boat and offers adventurous travelers a tranquil contrast to the bustle of downtown Wilmington.

Masonboro Island is completely uninhabited. It’s hard to access in most areas, and it’s just absolutely beautiful,” says Sam Romano, Co-Founder of Seaview Crab Company. “We fish behind it and it’s really a nice spot.”

Carmin Black, Co-Founder of HALF UNITED, has seen the sunrise at Masonboro Island Reserve. “It’s really secluded and there’s some privacy. It’s very tranquil,” she says. Masonboro Island is the ideal place to surf in a peaceful and quieter locale, just outside of Wrightsville Beach.

Mallard Street

Recommended by: Ian Balding

Views from Johnnie Mercers Pier

Mallard Street, or Wrightsville Beach Access #10, provides a stunning entry into Wrightsville Beach.

It’s a great spot to surf, paddleboard, or just enjoy the lovely views. Ian Balding, Owner of Epic Excursions, says, “On the north side of Johnnie Mercers Pier is Mallard Street and there tends to be a great break there.”

Crystal Pier

Recommended by: Haley Jensen

While it may be best known as home to a popular seafood restaurant with gorgeous views, Crystal Pier, also known as the Oceanic Pier, is amazing in its own right. “I love to watch the sunrise at Wrightsville Beach around the Oceanic Pier,” says Haley Jensen, Beer Sommelier & Owner of Beer Barrio. “We’ve taken in many sunrises before we go out surfing. It’s the perfect time because it’s not too hot yet. You can see dolphins, and you can actually even surf with the dolphins!”