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How Locals Describe Kure Beach

There's a lot to love in historic and relaxing Kure Beach

How Locals Describe Kure Beach

Kure Beach is a small beach town in Wilmington and Beaches that hugs the Atlantic. With stunning coastline, friendly local establishments, and a strong sense of history, Kure Beach has year-round attractions for travelers and locals alike.

Here’s how locals like Ashley Tipper, John Moseley, and surfer Tony Silvagni describe Kure Beach and all it has to offer.

Strong Community Atmosphere

Kure Beach Pier

One of the best things about Kure Beach is its sense of community. John Moseley of the Fort Fisher State Historic Site says, “I love that Kure Beach has a small town feel to it, which means that there is a wonderful sense of community in this area.”

History and Exploration

Fort Fisher State Historic Site

Kure Beach is home to the Fort Fisher State Historic Site and the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, so it offers unique historical experiences. “It's got tons of history—everything from Colonial America all the way up to World War II,” says John Moseley. “A great deal of United States and North Carolina history happened here."

Fort Fisher Aquarium

Surfer Tony Silvagni says, “Kure Beach is great because it has Fort Fisher and the Aquarium, and you can take a ferry from there that goes over to South Port where people can travel and explore around.”

Beaches Near Kure Beach

Nearby the beautiful Kure Beach are Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach.

Jess Reedy of Pineapple Studios discusses the similarities between Carolina Beach and Kure Beach. “Carolina Beach and Kure Beach are really kind of funky because you've got the boardwalk, and the carnivals there over the summer. It definitely has a beach vibe—you've got your colorful houses, your snow cones, your donut shops,” she says.

Ashley Tipper, Owner of The Blind Elephant in Wilmington's Historic Downtown / River District, also notes the similarities, saying, "Carolina Beach is very relaxed. It's got a lot of charm to it!"

Jarrod Covington of Wrightsville SUP, says, “Carolina Beach and Kure Beach are great for surfing. They're similar to Wrightsville, but with a slightly different vibe.”

Whether it's for the surfing, strolling, dining, or drinking, visiting Kure Beach is a must-do!